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Aromatics Herbs

- Coriander: In Greek it means "husband of the bug" because of the strong smell of their green seeds. It is used in South America, the Orient and Arabia. It is a kind of grass and at the same time it stimulates digestion.

- Dill: For the ancient Romans, it was a symbol of happiness and joy. Ideal for sauces. The Nordic eat it with salmon. In form of tea it acts soothing. Its seeds are helping to combat bad breath.

- Estragon: Used in the Middle Ages as a deposit in sandals, because it prevents fatigue. Its scent and taste are perfect for marinades, sauces, meats, fish and shellfish. Stimulant properties.

- Edible Flowers: Used as decoration, and as a food supplement for various uses.

- Mint: Perfect base for soft drinks. Typical flavoring for salads and Arabic dishes. It combines sweet and savory dishes. Base of the Cuban cocktail which brought Hemingway the banishment.

- Laurel: Classic plant for large cooking pots. A bush in the garden is a symbol of happiness in the family. flavores soup, sauce and marinades. Component of bouquet garni.

- Lavender: The whole plant is very aromatic and has high ornamental value. Oil is derived from its flowers and the scent of classic perfumes. Without a concrete place in the kitchen, it has a place of honor in the garden.

- Marjoram: Its flavor is reminiscent of oregano. Used with, rice, eggs, meats, fillings and marinades. Effective against dental pain, it is also an antispasmodic to appreciate.

- Melissa: In Greek, it means bee, because it says that as a parfume, it attracts bees. Gentle lemon fragrance. For use in compotes, salads and spirits.

- Mint: The perfect accompaniment to lamb. Enriches the sweet taste of soft drinks. Part of the Lebanese tabbouleh. A mint is a sign of hospitality.

- Oregano: A wild plant, which often is confused as a weed. Very popular in Italian cuisine. Popular on pizza and roast pork. Antineuralgic and antiastmatic effect.

- Curled Parsley: French origin. It has the same properties as parsley. Necessary for black butter.

- Chervil: It is a very fine herb, like parsley, chives and Estragon. It has a spicy taste of anise. Gives the cheese a prestigious taste. Ideal for salads, eggs and fish.

- Pipermint: It is ideal to enrich dried fruits . A mint sorbet between courses renews appetite. Promotes digestion and the productivity of Galle.

- Rosmary: In Latin it means "dew of the sea". In combination with the savory, it will get a tonic for your hair. It offers an exquisite taste for roasted rabbit and lamb.

- Rucola: From the ancient Egyptians for their aphrodisiacs. Its spicy flavor reminds the radishes. It also combines with cheese, smoked meat and salads.

- Salvia: Latin "salvo", rescue or cure. It has curative effect. Very spicy, delicate and intense in flavor. Ideal for scallops, gnocchi, ravioli and butter aromas.

- Thyme: In Greek it means, tears of beautiful Helena. Adds taste and aroma to cheese, sorbet and grilled vegetables. Antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

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